Put Women on All of our Currency

Everyone who gets all up in arms about Alexander Hamilton being removed from the $10 bill makes me want to throw up all over my computer.

Here are the people currently on U.S. Currency:

$1 – George Washington

$5 – Abraham Lincoln

$10 – Alexander Hamilton

$20 – Andrew Jackson

$50 – Ulysses Grant

$100 – Benjamin Franklin

Great bunch of guys, I’ll give you that. What do all of these men have in common? Quite a few things:

1. I know this may come as a shock, but they are all white men.

2. They all lived in times when women had absolutely no rights in the political sphere. Women couldn’t vote, never held office, and couldn’t hold any number of other important roles in society.

3. African American people were considered property during the time that most of these men were alive. It was legal to just kill them if you felt like it.

So what happens when we decide to revere people who come from a time when women and minorities were being wildly suppressed? What a surprise, none of these women or minorities appear on any of our currency. When we decide that it’s somehow wrong to change any of our currency, and instead just keep the same white men who lived in a society that suppressed everyone else….well that just sucks. That doesn’t mean that the white men being honored on this currency didn’t do great and noble things, it just means that 75% of the population that lived during that time didn’t have a chance. It means that 75% of today’s population has to look at this currency all the time, and they have to see that people who look like them are not represented.

My suggestion:

Get everyone off the bills except for maybe Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but only because I’m feeling sentimental. Throw in some influential women on other bills, some minorities as well and now maybe we can take one tiny step to undoing centuries of oppression.

4 thoughts on “Put Women on All of our Currency

  1. We have Federal holidays for Washington/Lincoln and MLK, so perhaps that entitles MLK to appear on the $10 bill? At least he never killed anybody in a duel. Maybe Eleanor Roosevelt should be on the twenty.


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