Donald Trump is a Democrat

I asked for some suggestions on what to write about in this blog post and got the following suggestions:

1 – write about the state of American politics a year out from our next presidential election


2 – You can always write about Donald Trump; everybody else is.

I don’t usually like to write about things that everyone else is, but I think that most people are reacting to Donald Trump the wrong way. James Altucher also realizes it with one of his recent blog posts:

Yes Donald’s views are insane, ridiculous and insultingly misguided. But Donald Trump is not an idiot. Believe it or not, it’s generally hard to amass a giant fortune by being an idiot.

If he entered the race and behaved like everyone else, he wouldn’t separate himself from the pack. However if he enters the race and starts slinging completely inane bullshit in every direction while he has 10+ competitors, what’s going to happen? The more extremist members of the Republican party, of which there are plenty after eight years of Obama and FOX News hysterics, are all going to side with the brash psychopath, while the rest of the party splits themselves up amongst the other dozen candidates.

Because of his strategy, Trump is currently in the lead in the Republican polling. I don’t think he has any chance to become President nor do I suspect that he believes he has any real chance. Yet in the meantime he is able to command an incredible stage while stealing the show at the presidential debate and in every news story about the 2016 Election. His very presence in the race and the fact that he’s being taken seriously, is making the entire Republican party look like a bunch of buffoons.

Do you really think this man believes the completely insane crap he says? “Mexicans are all rapists?”, “I like people that weren’t captured”. What he’s doing is sitting in his room at night, in a bathtub full of $100 bills, laughing as the entire world takes him seriously. This is why he’s rich, because he lives in a nation of people that actually take someone like him seriously, and he knows how to take advantage of it.

I don’t believe Donald Trump is Republican. He’s Republican now because it’s the only audience that will pay any attention to him and he’s a megalomaniac. All he has to do is throw around some money and act like a crazy person, and the extreme right wing will gravitate towards him.

However Donald Trump is the best thing that could ever happen to the Democrats. He has the chance to singlehandedly give the election to the Democratic party by running as an Independent, which is something he very well might do.

In fact any money raised for the Democratic candidate in the next election, should also be split up to support Trump’s run as an Independent. Donald Trump is the Republican party’s worst nightmare, and if he does run in the General Election as an Independent, then I finally know it’s true….Donald Trump is a Democrat.

If you believe in abortion rights, LGBT rights, or in social safety nets, then Donald Trump is your best friend. There is literally no one that has more influence over whether our nation will continue down the path that Obama has laid over the last eight years than Donald Trump. Thanks Donald, for the first time ever, I’m happy that you’re around.

One thought on “Donald Trump is a Democrat

  1. “But Donald Trump is not an idiot. Believe it or not, it’s generally hard to amass a giant fortune by being an idiot.”

    This might be generally true, but not in Donald Trump’s case. He inherited his real estate empire from his father and then assed into the greatest real estate market in history, New York City in the 1980s. Even with this good fortune, and the ability to hire some of the finest financial minds the country has to offer to advise him, he has declared bankruptcy four times, screwing investors out of billions of dollars, and thrown away millions on ill-fated ventures like the USFL.

    Altschuler’s comparison to the Nigerian scam (a concept discussed at some length in the third book of Dubner and Leavitt’s phenomenal Freakonomics trilogy “Think Like a Freak,” referred to by them as “letting the garden weed itself”) is one I don’t think quite applies here. First, Trump’s comments are not universally outlandish, just mostly outlandish. He says plenty of things that suggests he is genuinely trying to appeal to the majority of Americans. Also, he says these things all the time, not just when he’s running for President, so they probably aren’t part of some specific political scheme, although they probably are designed to get his picture in the paper, as the one thing he is a genius at is self-promotion. Finally, there’s no benefit to weeding out that extreme 12 percent. The Nigerian scammers don’t want to waste time trying to extract money from people who aren’t receptive, but it doesn’t cost Trump anything extra to try to appeal to the full Republican base, and even if he saves money and time by only locking down that 12 percent, it isn’t going to be of any use to him. He can’t barter 12 percent of the vote for a cabinet position, nor does he want to.

    I do agree that Trump’s candidacy is great for the Democrats, as I believe a seasoned politician like Hillary Clinton will tear him apart on a national stage (and probably in an extremely entertaining way), and I am heavily rooting for him to win the Republican nomination.


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