Future Blog Post Topics

There are some ideas for future blogs submitted by myself and by others who have suggested topics. I will constantly add to this list with new ideas. I may also delete topics that are getting very little interest. The number in parenthesis is how many people have suggested each topic. Thanks to everyone who is helping me choose what to write about!

  1. Why do people cheat in areas where there is nothing tangible to gain. (4)
  2. What are some key influences that led to my lifestyle (never working a 9-5 job, playing games for a living etc). Is this easy for others to replicate? (6)
  3. It makes me insane when people say “I’m too old”, or put too much weight on their age when talking about or themselves or deciding whether or not to do things. (2)
  4. Examples of why it can be a good thing to have completely irrational beliefs in poker and other competitive fields. (1)
  5. The best way to tell when someone is full of crap (4)
  6. Oh my GOD!!! Why can’t people just walk when they’re on an escalator? (3)
  7. Is it a good idea to play or teach chess for a living? (3)
  8. A great psychological trick that a street beggar in Philadelphia uses to make a lot more money than normal. (4)
  9. I have a serious problem with grammar Nazis and can write a whole blog post about it. I really really want to. (4)
  10. How in the world can 11-14 year olds ever be tried as adults?
  11. Is Crossfit a Cult? (2)
  12. Why are so many poker players such sick degenerates?
  13. Please stop preaching to everyone about how important it is to constantly fail. (1)
  14. What do I think of Home Schooling? Is it a good idea? How does it affect aspiring chess players? (3)
  15. I have been mostly out of the poker world for 4 years now. What changes do I see when I read about poker today? (2)
  16. Chess tournaments in the U.S. are not fun. I mean really really not fun. I always enjoy ranting about this. (5)
  17. Is going to college a good idea? (3)
  18. What should you do if you play chess and you’re a time trouble addict? (3)
  19. What could the education system learn from Crossfit?
  20. My experience on American Idol.
  21. The reasons why I have never had any alcohol or drugs in my entire life. (4)
  22. How much money should you have before you consider yourself rich? (1)
  23. Examples of poker players who made tons of money then quit playing to focus on other things (1)
  24. Similarities between Hearthstone and Chess/Poker
  25. Why have I basically stopped trying to become a Grandmaster? (3)
  26. How to create a great Online Dating Profile (1)
  27. How important is it for the family of a talented young chess player to be financially well off?
  28. Who is the smartest person ever? (1)
  29. What should be the punishment when someone is caught cheating in chess?
  30. What is the number 1 reason why I live a happy and financially stable life right now? (1)
  31. A concrete idea on how to change the World Chess Championship Cycle. (1)

4 thoughts on “Future Blog Post Topics

  1. 5, 8, 25

    I’m especially interested in 25. i enjoyed following your results and rooting you on when you were playing GM norm tournaments.


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