Things I plan to blog about in the future

Each week I ask people to come up with topics for me to blog about. Below is a list of things I think might make good blog posts, so if you are interested in them let me know!

  • People are unbelievable hypocrites Episode 1 (Michael Jackson vs Bill Cosby)
  • What influences led to me never having a normal 9-5 job?
  • Nothing makes me more angry than police brutality and how our society handles it and protects officers who are obviously guilty.
  • How can such strong personalities such as Magnus Carlsen and other top chess players, perform for an organization as blatantly corrupt as FIDE?
  • I’ll puke if I see another person proselytize about how important it is to constantly fail
  • How it drives me crazy when anyone uses “I’m too old” as an excuse for almost anything.
  • Is Crossfit a Cult?
  • Why do people cheat (even when it seems that nothing is at stake)?
  • How idiotic it is for anyone to try and claim that a minority group doesn’t face discrimination/persecution, despite not being part of that group.
  • The most brilliant street beggar I’ve ever met
  • Various strategies/ideas in Online Dating
  • The very concept of an autograph is absurd.
  • Why exactly did I rarely exercise for over 30 years and then become obsessed with working out after starting Crossfit?
  • U.S. Chess tournaments are not fun
  • Misplaced hero worship of outrageously rich people
  • Extremely minor obstacles can be a big impediment to progress, and are important to take seriously.
  • How to tell when someone is basically full of crap: list of some famous examples.
  • Some similarities between Hearthstone and chess/poker
  • I HATE grammar police. I really think you are very annoying and need to stop it and I can write a whole blog post about you.
  • Believing irrational things can be useful (especially in competitive environments)
  • How I somehow managed to sing in front of Simon Cowell.
  • Learning to play poker at a high level is probably one of the most educational things a young child could do.
  • What’s necessary for a very young child to be on the trajectory to becoming one of the best chess players in the world?
  • When is it a good idea to stereotype people based on their gender and race?
  • My experience as a consultant in a federal court case about whether “poker was a skill based game”.
  • All of the obvious ways that technology bring us closer together and how people are insane for pretending that technology/the Internet drives us apart.
  • If you are on an escalator either walk or get out of my way! (I think I could somehow write an entire blog post about this)

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