About Greg

Greg’s life changes too quickly to keep up with this page. But he basically does chess stuff, CrossFit stuff, travels a lot and is poly.

6 thoughts on “About Greg

  1. Would you be willing to comment on your blog about way stalemates are handled? I only recently learned that they have not always been considered a draw, and that some chess players advocate for changing that rule. Is it something that is actively discussed or debated amongst masters, or is it only ‘controversial’ on the fringes? What is your position on the topic?


  2. Hi Greg, I write from Italy, Rome and I read your interesting article on Swiss pairings that I agree in full “is discriminatory!”
    I am in the CDN FNGO game Othello, and we use the “Swiss Perfect98” for the pairings and with this system we have a lot of games 64-0 (in Othello is important difference of the pieces) for the difference rating remarkable.
    I think it is “discriminatory” because no one likes to lose so players with lower ratings,, move away from tournaments. A random draw in the first round (as I did 30 years ago) would be more incentive for everyone. you are in accord?
    Thanks for reply,
    Luigi Puzzo


  3. Hi Greg, love your site and articles! Lot of good points in the “defeat aging” article. I saw you playing Yasser Seirawan in S-Chess and really enjoyed that one. Do you like chess variants in general? I have some of my own I want to bounce off a high-rated player like yourself. e-mail me if you can, let me know – I can share a couple of the variant description pages I’ve created.

    media specialist
    age 34


  4. Hi Greg,

    You once mentioned on the perpetual chess podcast that you have a database of 6000 positional puzzles organised by motif for US chess school. Is this something that’s available to the general public? I’m not a part of the US chess school (I live in the UK) but I’d love to be able to see them.




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